• Transitional Outpatient (TOP) Group
  • Conventional Outpatient Group
  • Family Group
  • Individual
  • Family
  • Assessments: (2 Hours)
Recovery Management: 
  • Recovery Coaching 
  • 12-step meetings
  • Sober Living Skills
  • Monitoring 
  • UDS testing
  • Breathalyzer testing
Accompaniment Services:
  • Out of state Transport/Escort
  • Local/Regional Transport/Escort
Sober Companion:
  • Daily (24 hour segments)
  • Weekly (7 day segments)
Rates available upon request
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     ...is to help the client develop ongoing skills towards  becoming more accountable in their early transition period into a recovering, enjoyable, and purposeful lifestyle.  We tailor our treatment plans for clients to address their commitments to recovery and integrate recovery into their lives;  to improve their opportunities for relevant relapse prevention; and develop balanced, healthy, living skills as recovering persons through education, awareness, and education. 

       We also utilize community resources to encourage the development of healthy lifestyle balance through improved self care practices to maintain physical health, emotional regulation, and spiritual well-being.